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Romantic Moments, Issue #001 -- Appreciation
August 05, 2010
Greetings Fellow Romantics!

I know many of you have been signed up on this list for a long time and have been wondering where all the Romantic Moments have been hiding. Please accept my apologies. I have been so busy writing content for the Romantic Ideas Online website (260 pages! WooHoo) that I have neglected my Romantic Moments Newsletter. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

With no further ado: Please enjoy the Premier Issue! *clapping, cheering, whistling*


I happen to know that he was absolutely devoted to her. But not in a puppylove, lap-dog, I'll-follow-you-anywhere sort of way. He loved her without possessing her and expected the same in return. Always his own man, he was strong, opinionated and fiercely passionate. Of Scottish descent, he was a real Highlander.

Somewhat taller than she, he was a handsome man with broad shoulders and a powerful build. His hair was an unruly mass of glossy, black curls. Framing his deep brown eyes, his dark, bushy brows had several wild curly hairs giving him a devilish Jack Nicholson kind of look. Sparkling eyes that were at once piercing, then gentle, the skin around them etched generously with laugh lines. His full lips protruded from under his thick moustache and a sensuous wee dimple punctuated his strong Celtic chin.

He always said exactly what he thought and made no bones about it. He could be stubborn at times but at least she always knew where she stood with him. He was never cruel or short with her. In fact, he seemed to have the uncanny ability to sense when all was not well with her and had her talking about it and feeling better even before she realized something had been wrong.

I saw him watching her once, as she sat chatting with her girlfriends. A slight, mischievous smile on his lips and a knowing gleam in his eye, I could tell that he was appreciating everything about her. He drank in the very sight of her, oblivious to the allure of her attractive company. Only she existed for him, and she basked in his love.

Well, that should do it for this issue. I hope you liked it. As time goes by, my plan is to make it a bit more sophisticated and as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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In Joy,


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