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What's it all about?

Sometimes I think the best parts of my life are the Romantic Moments. I'd like to string them all together and wear them like a necklace around my neck: a constant reminder of the joy and lightness-of-being that can accompany ANY moment when I am in the "romantic" frame of mind.

  • Romantic Moments that envelop me with the delicious feeling that my cup is filled to the brim and gushing over and my heart is close to bursting with love.
  • Romantic Moments that seem so profound and meaningful that I am spellbound and in awe of my ability to give and receive such magic.
  • Romantic Moments replete with the sensation of being SO FILLED WITH LOVE that I can practically fly.
  • Romantic Moments that weave a rich tapestry of emotions that wash over me, caressing, teasing, tickling me; whispering in my ear how glorious it is to be alive...

So anyway... Romantic Art - The Golden Hours

About the Romantic Moments Ezine:

It is (in a nutshell) my way of translating my seemingly endless supply of Romantic Ideas into shortish vignettes or scenes and bringing them to life. I love to write and capture "a moment", a snippet of life worth remembering. I like to flesh out the details and the textures, explore the innuendo and the expose the raw emotion. The process, I suspect is not unlike what the Impressionists were trying to do as they painted those fleeting rays of sunlight.

My intention is to offer these Romantic Moments so that my readers can identify with my characters and the various scenarios to the degree that a small seed is planted in them that will, in time, grow into their own version of a Romantic Moment. If I can affect a handful of people in this way, then my efforts will not be wasted!

The naked truth is, I will continue to write these vignettes, even if NO ONE reads them because writing them brings ME great joy and satisfaction!

So if you are inspired to join me on this literary adventure, please sign up below!


Romantic Moments

A Periodic Ezine of Original Short and Romantic Vignettes




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