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Psyche and Cupid - William Adolphe Bouguereau Homemade gift ideas, romantic honeymoon gift baskets, romantic Christmas gifts for men, traditional wedding anniversary gifts and contemporary romantic presents, romantic birthday gift ideas, some of the most creative romantic gift ideas, sensual gifts for him or her and great valentines day gift ideas!

The A-B-C's of Romantic Gifts

Now before you proceed any further, I want to give you this WARNING!

When it comes to shopping...
  • Are you easily overwhelmed?
  • Do your eyes glaze over when presented with too many options?
  • Do you prefer a small selection of choices so that you can just pick something out quickly and efficiently and then get on with your day?
  • Do you find (frankly) that shopping is a pain in the you-know-what?
If you answered "yes" to the questions above, I suggest that you do NOT continue scrolling but LEAVE THIS PAGE IMMEDIATELY!!!

However, if you are more like ME...
  • Loves to explore and savor countless possibilities
  • Inspired by lots of input and choices
  • Like to check out ALL the options before deciding...
Well then! This page is just for you! I have gathered hundreds of ideas and lots of links that will lead you on the shopping excursion of your dreams.
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Now DO enjoy trolling for some excellent ideas for romantic gifts:

Romantic Gifts: A - Art - Roses, anemones, albums, adult games, antiques, amethyst, astrology reading, alexandrite, Advanced Sexual Techniques, Learn Together, alpaca shawl, air tickets, African violets, Allure Leather Corset, aphrodisiacs, aromatherapy bath ritual coffret (6 piece), artisan chocolates, art nouveau, amaryllis, Adult Board Games, amulet, angel, angora sweater, Anniversary Cookie Gifts, aquarium date, anthology of romantic poetry, apricots, $50 Gift Card aquamarine, aromatherapeutic fragrant hybrid tea rose bush, Amethyst Purple Heart Charm Layered Necklace, amber, arts and crafts, atomizer, azaleas, afghan, Art of Sexual Positions - DVD, alcohol, adult toys, alabaster, adventure, airplane, amore...
Romantic Gifts: B - Books, bath salts, butterfly house, beach getaway, bear-hug, beauty treatment, baklava, Bath Kitten Kit - Luxurious Bubbles & Vibrating Sponge , ballad (romantic, of course), backgammon game, Bali vacation, balloons, ballet tickets, Birthday Cookie Gifts, bamboo sheets and towels, Beginner's Bondage Set - Something New And Fun, birthstone jewelry, begonias, beryl, bittersweet chocolate, Birthday Gift Baskets, betrothal, blue ribbon, bon-bons, big band music, Butterfly Rhinestone Bra Top, bonsai trees, boat ride, bodice-ripper novel, bodywork, Bling Bling Kit: Tantalizing!, blindfold (satin!), buddleia, body fragrances, breakfast in bed, Booty Parlor Dust Up - Kissable Body Shimmer, brooch, book, basket of gifts, Baby Dolls, bathrobe, batik shawl, Bath and Body Spa Gifts from, brandy, Baraka jewelry, Baronessa Steel Boned Silk Corset, bleeding heart, Blues concerts, Black Widow, balloons, bubbles, bonsai, Beer of the Month Club
membership, beeswax candles, Bustiers & Corsets from, bed and breakfast reservations, Blue Moon Corset, baby's breath, bedding, Bed of Roses at, Perfect for That Special Night!board game, ballroom dance lessons, Bedroom Bucks - Legal Tender for Lovers, bodacious boxers, Belgian vacation...
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Romantic Gifts: C - Candles, carnations, custom engraved photo jewelry, castle tours, Colored Condoms, cake, cards, CDs, cashmere & pashmina apparel, chocolate, carnelian, Chemises, calendar, cameo, camera, Chocolate Body Paints by Kama Sutra, chrysoberyl, cookies, concerts, charm bracelet, Chiffon Nightgown with Panty, colored diamond jewelry, cherub, cruises, car wash, cash, comfort food, Choose Your Pleasure Game, carnival rides, chateau vacation, clothing, custom greeting card,, cinnabar, Copper Heart with Turquoise Bead Necklace, cheesecake, camisole, cognac, charter flight, Crotchless Lingerie, champagne and caviar, cribbage game, crystal, chrysanthemums, Couple Games, coffee, classical music, chess set, cha-cha lessons, chalcedony, comedy club date, circus tickets, charge card, Climaxxx - A Game For Lovers That Has A Happy Ending, concert tickets, corsage, Chain Vixen Set, candy, canoodling, Crotchless Lingerie, cappuccino, cashmere gloves, classic romance movies, carats (!), camping trip, classy night on the town, Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games, carriage ride, carte blanche (you choose!), Canadian vacation, Classic Pinup Posters, cologne, custard, cuddle...
Romantic Gifts: D - Daisies, diamonds, daylilies, dining out, devilishly daring dates, designer sunglasses, dainty doves, dessert, Discover Your Lover - A Sexy, Romantic Game, designer jewelry, devotion, dune buggy ride, deliciously dark decadent chocolate, dance lessons, daphne, declaration of love, daffodils, Dragon Corset with Panty, double heart pendant in sterling silver, danish pastry, Daisy Corset with G-String, diamond eternity necklace, destination unknown...
Romantic Gifts: E - Essential Oil Perfume, emerald, Erotic Roulette - A Fun Game For The Gambler In All Of Us, eclairs, espresso, Embroidered Satin Corset Set, eternity ring, Edible Underwear, everlastings, endearment, expensive jewelry, epicurean feast, earrings, Endless Nights of Amazing Sex - A Steamy, Hot Game, exotic destinations, engagement ring, engraving, Exploring Ultimate Fantasies - A Fun Game That Includes Everything, erotica, epigram, escape weekends, Erotic Magnetic Poetry Kit - Seduce Your Lover With Words, exorbitant entertainment, epic romance, earnings, Erotic Stories - Great For Reading Aloud In Bed, explicit etchings, Elegant Silk Corset, extended-play...!

Romantic Gifts: F - Freesias, films, fantastic flowers, Flared Vamp Dress, forbidden fruit, furs, fragrant flower bouquet, foreplay, ferry ride, fictional romance novel, faithfulness, forget-me-nots, Feather Tantra Teaser - For Massage & Foreplay, fairytale fantasy vacations, filmy lingerie, Fun In Bed - A Sexy Game of Teasing and Pleasing, forty winks, Fruit of the Month Club membership, fudge, forgiveness, fragrance, folding money, Free Sex Bath Bomb, fountain, Five Minute Erotica - 35 Short, Explicit Stories, french kiss, fine linens, Fine Art Prints at Loxly Gallery, folk dance lessons, Foreplay Your Way, fragrant candles, funny business, fortune cookies, Floral Stretchable Lace Robe, fine jewelry, frangipani, fondue feast, FANTASY KIT BLACK, fireside chat, Formula One tickets, filet mignon with bacon, Flirty Lingerie, full moon frolic, Florist Designed Bouquet" - Buy Now and Receive a FREE Vase!, facial care products, Flower of the Month Club membership, Fuchsia Rose Corset, fabulously furry fleece rug...

Romantic Gifts: G - Gorgeous Gazebo rendezvous, gardenias, gift certificate, gold or silver roses, getaway, giggles, games, Getaway Kit by Kama Sutra, garter belts, gift basket, gemstones, good company, Garter Belts, gift plants, gold, gems, geraniums, gizmo, Gold Roses: Send real roses preserved in 24kt gold!, gratitude, gourmet recipes and gadgets, grandstand tickets, Gourmet Cookie Bouquet, genie in a bottle, genuine gondola ride, grace, greeting card, g-string, guitars, gadget, gorgeous garden gifts, Glow In The Dark Sex Toys, goosebumps, glider ride, gloves, golden rule, garden seeds and plants, Gowns and Peignoirs, German vacation, Grand Prix tickets...

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PopShops™ affiliate stores Romantic Gifts: H - Happy moments, hematite, Hot Crochet Rose Lace Corset With a G-String, how-to-be-romantic books, heart-to-heart talk, Heart and Lovebird Charm Necklace, hugs, heliotrope, helicopter ride, Honeymoon Carry-On Bag - Quite An Assortment, haiku, hair of the dog, hyacinths, hammock, Halter Nightgown with Panty, hot-air balloon ride, hot tub huddle, Heart Charm Necklace, Hot Sex Tips Kit, handmade hats, Hawaiian vacation, horoscope, hot-blooded heartstrings, Heart Charm Bracelet with Romantic Hearts, hanky-panky, heart-shaped things, Heart Throb Love Set, heavenly scented gardenia with chocolates, harmony, honeymoons (lots of them!), hiking book, Heart Charm Bracelet, Whimsical, honey dust, hanky-panky, house plants, Hot Shower Sex - A Fun Kit To Use In The Shower, hunky-dory hot springs getaway...

Romantic Gifts: I - Iridescent Iris, Intimate Books, idyllic interlude, Irish Gifts & Merchandise, ice cream, I Love You - A Box of Romantic Postcards, incredible indulgence, intimacy, incense, immediate gratification, impromptu Italian vacation, Intimate Moments Set by Kama Sutra, ice skates, iPod, incendiary incantation, Intimate Organics G Spot Gel, Italian charms and charm bracelets, illustrations, impish infatuation, Intimate Organics Massage Balm - Sensual Scent, imponderable investments, imaginative itinerary...

Romantic Gifts: J - Jazz music, joyride, Jamaican vacations, journal, jigsaw puzzle, joie de vivre, jonquils, jackpot, Jack Rabbit Vibrator, jacuzzi date, jade, Japanese Silk Love Rope - Extra Long, jewelry, jacket, jelly beans, jukebox, jambalaya, Japanese vacation, jasmine, jet-ski jaunt

K - Kiss coupons, Kama Sutra Art of Making Love, kaleidoscope, karaoke performance, keys to the vault, Kinky Pleasures: 52 Weeks, kayak adventure, kimono, kismet, kites, kilts, Kama Sutra's Earthly Delights Gift Box - A Wonderful Romantic Gift Set, kayak, krugerrands...

Romantic Gifts: L Lasting love, Lover's Massage Kit - What You Need On A Friday Night, Latin American vacation, luxury chocolates, Leather Pants, lavish libidinous liaison, love letter, licorice, L'eau A Deux Kit: Relax and Play in the Bathlovely lacey lingerie, love nest, LINGERIE, luscious luncheon, love games, Lelo Massage Oil - Spicy Clove & Amber - For a Sexy Massage, luxury lifestyle, lyrical moment, Let's Play Doctor Game - Role Play Dozens of Scenarios, lily of the valley, limerick, Leather Corset, lambada lessons, lantern, Love Swing, limousine ride, liqueur, Liquid Virgin Drops - Feels Like The First Time, lottery ticket, lovebirds, LoveScent Pheromones, largesse, love poetry, Lelo Massage Oil - Fresh Lily & Musk - A Crisp Scent He'll Love, lapis lazuli, lemon verbena, Lovin' Tub - Very Romantic Game, lazy afternoon, love-in-a-mist, luxury watch, lemon geranium, Love Swing/Sex Swing, lavender, loving cup...

Romantic Gifts: M - Magazine subscriptions, massage with massage oil or massage lotion, mood movies, Married With Children Combo - Relief For Parents Who Want Some Romance, macaroons, madcap weekend, matinee movie tickets, Massage Oil Assortment by Kama Sutra, magic moments, music, Moroccan vacations, malachite, Massage a Trois - A Sexy Massage Trio, monogamy, mandala, mignonette, mangoes, music box, mansion, Multi-heart Charm Necklace, Mardi Gras vacation, milk chocolate, mistletoe, marmalade, memorabilia, meadow picnic in the moonlight, Make Me Milky Bath Oils, mother of pearl hoop earrings, mudbath, museum visit, mouth-watering mousse, marriage proposal, Minx Designer Vibe, musical concert, magic carpet ride, mocha, maidenhair fern, Melt - Chocolate Body Fondue for Couples, meandering stroll, mystery tour, marigolds, memorabilia, Mens Lingerie, monkey business, Mediterranean cruise, marzipan, manicure...

Romantic Gifts: N - Nosegay, Naughty Bubbles - Bubble Bath with a Sexy Scent, nebulizer, Netflix subscription, negligee, netsuke, Naughty Gifts, New Zealand vacation, nature escapes, Naughty & Nice Gift Set In Case You Can't Decide Which You Like Best, name a star and buy a star name, necklaces, Nookii - A Sexy Game for Couples, nightgowns, New York strip steak, novels, nest egg, Naughty Gifty, nibble on the neck...

Romantic Gifts: O - Orchids, obsidian, Oil of Love Gift Set - 5 Edible Love Potions, organic flowers & gourmet gifts, opera tickets, opals, ornaments, orgasm, orchestral concert, ocean cruise, off road vacations, oil lamp, Orgasmix - Women's Orgasm Drops, objet d'art, oil painting reproduction, organic chocolates, opulent outpouring of love, oysters...

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Romantic Gifts: P - Private Dancer Pole Kit, Perfect Picnic Party, perfume, picnic baskets, paddleboat ride, Personalized romance novels from Passion, action and humor in one gift!, palm reading, Paris romantic vacation, play performance, persimmons, posters, Passion - The Game That Brings You Closer Together, personalized gifts, petit fours, pheromones, prepaid phonecard, Panties, Thongs, G-Strings, pas de deux, passion fruit, planetarium date, photographic prints, pick-me-up, Parisian candles, promise ring, pastoral poem or painting, popcorn, Pleasure Garden Massage Oil - A Great Scent For Lovers, pot-pourri, peonies, pomander, Push-Up Lace Charmeuse Gown, portrait, playing cards, plants, progressive dinner, picture frames, postcards, Plus Size Ostrich Feather Robe, precious stones, prize, pastry, peach melba, pretzels, pearls, Personalized Romance Novel: Blood Lust - NEW Vampire Romance, pedicure, pep talk, personalized gifts, paradise lost vacations, pate, patience, poetry, Polynesian vacation...

Romantic Gifts: Q - Quiet afternoons, quaint quilt, queen anne's lace, quixotic quotes, quail eggs, quality time, quartz, quest, quiche, quickie, quince jelly, quick wit...

Romantic Gifts: R - Rosemary, race car, Rent a Limo, ribeye steaks, rapture, romantic recollections, rest and relaxation, rings, Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove Gift Set, romance refresher, reed diffusers, racehorse, romantic rhyme, rose-colored glasses, riches, raspberries, rubber duckie, rowboat ride, Romantic Love Card, raunchy behavior, romantic role-playing, Romantic Gifts for Her, rollerblade date, romantic board games, ranunculus, rapt attention, reggae music, Romantic Gifts for Him, rub-down, rosy cheeks, random act of romance, radio, ROSES, robes, romantic reminders, respect, rose bushes, Romantic Magnetic Poetry Kit - Leave Romantic Messages On The Fridge, run for their money, riverboat cruise, Rhinestone Bikini, rock music, ragtime music, reasonable requests, runes, red-hot poker, romance ebooks, recharged romantic batteries, Romantic Heart Game, radiant reproduction oil painting, razzle-dazzle, Rhinestone Bra Thong Set, romantic revelations, raft trip, Romantic Toys, reflection, reservations, romantic flowers, rainbow, rampage of appreciation, raffle tickets, ROMANCE!

Buy Romantic Art at
Bridal Sleigh
Jan Chelminski
26x30 Fine Art Print
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Romantic Gifts: S - Sassy satin sheets, sapphire, Scotch whisky, strip-tease, Scandinavian vacation, Sex in the Shower Dual Showerhead - Get Warm and Wet, silk flowers, seriously sensual steam bath session, Sexy Surprises Sex Toy Kit for Her, sandalwood, smooch, sweetly scented sachets, scarabs, Sexual Satisfaction DVD - Keep Improving Your Sex Life, season tickets, snuggle, sexy lingerie, secret admirer greeting card, sleigh ride, Spa Gift Basket, scented drawer liners, shopping spree, scrapbook, several scarves, sexy seduction, semi-precious stones, Seduction Kit - Light His Fire, safe combination, sensual bath, sailboat adventure, soy jar candles, sexy silk shirts and shorts, Shunga Carnal Pleasures Gift Set, ski trip, slap and tickle, scintillating spa vacation, Sexy Costumes, scrumptious scones and clotted cream with proper English tea, Sensations - A Game That Awakens All 5 Senses, sexy ebooks, subscription, spontaneous weekend away, scantily clad encounter, samovar, stellar stargazing date, Secret Agent Kit: Play Out Your Fantasies, slow hand, spa gift certificate, symphony tickets, Sexy Surprises Sex Toy Kit for Him, scented soak in the tub, sterling silver pendant, Scottish vacations, spoon, SendAPantygram, spell casting service, square dance lessons, Spinning Sex Swing, surprise, stunning roses, skinny dipping, snowshoe hike, Striptease Kit: Dance For Your Lover, scenic drive, shy kiss, seashell, sauna date, Scream Kreem - Climax Enhancer, sterling silver graduated bead necklace, scuba-diving vacation, sex on a sheepskin, sing a song, steam shower...

Romantic Gifts: T - Tantric sex, Tahitian vacation, talisman, Teddies, tulips, turkish towels, thrill, Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion, train trip, tick-tack-toe game, topaz, Tuscany vacation, Timeless Message In A Bottle, topless dance, tango lessons, tarot card reading, towels, theater tickets, Tasmanian vacation, toys, The Tangerine Treasure Trove by Kama Sutra, transatlantic cruise, tuberose, toe ring, tourmaline, tattoo, teddy bear, tent, Three Piece Peignoir Set, tush tickling, thumbs up, t-shirt, tete-a-tete, thanks, time together, torrid encounter, tools, The Tongue Dinger at!, t-shirts, tarot cards, tennis lessons, thong, traveller's checks...

Romantic Gifts: U - Ukuleles, unforgettable underthings, umpteen umbrellas, undies, Ultimate Sexual Massage DVD - Teaches More Than Massage!, underwater adventure, unabashed unconditional love...

Romantic Gifts: V - Vacations, Vanilla Chai Skin Honey - Kissable Body Topping, vases, vintage car, valentines, Velvet Corset with G-string, vanilla, variety, veronica, vibrators and more, Videos and DVDs, video camera, velour, vows, Vintage Art Posters, vested interest, Victorian Art, voluptuous vignette, Vibrating Panties, vintage art, violets, vitamins...
Buy Romantic Art at
Claude Theberge
32x24 Fine Art Print
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Romantic Gifts: W - Watches, waffles, weekly date night, white water adventure, windowbox, whatnot, wages, Weekender Kit by Kama Sutra - A Lovely Kit For A Weekend Away, waterfall trips, Wine of the Month Club membership, weekend getaways, Walkman, Wicked Queen Corset, wreath of flowers, white gold, winery tour, wishbone, wolf whistle, water lily, wedding, wampum, warmhearted hug and kiss, Wet Platinum Lubricant Won't Dry Out, Wanga dolls, wonderful waterfall tour, wallet, waterbed, wedding ring, whistle, white Christmas, weaving, world tour vacation...

Romantic Gifts: X - eXtravagant gifts and gestures, X-rated sex toys...

Romantic Gifts: Y - Yachts, yes, year-long romance, ylang ylang Primal Instinct pheromones for men, yoga classes, yourself, Yukon vacations, yurt vacations...

Romantic Gifts: Z - Zeppelin ride, Zipper Leather Corset, Zoppini Italian charm bracelet, zoo trip, zinnias, zabaglione, zydeco music and dancing!

I hope you are having fun with these ideas for romantic gifts! I know I am!

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