Romantic Love Songs

Romantic Love Songs

Look no further for your favorite romantic love song lyrics. From L-O-V-E to Yes Sir, That's My Baby to I'd Rather Go Blind and It's a Heartache, they're all here. We've got Reunited-Peaches and Herb, Michelle-The Beatles, The Rose-Bette Midler and Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart AND SO MUCH MORE...Listen to sound clips too!

So many romantic love songs! What are your favorites?

Send me your love song suggestions here.

  • Looking to buy Romantic Love Songs or just trying to remember the title or artist for one of your favorites?
  • Do you need some love song lyrics to jot down in a card or romantic love letter to your beloved?
  • Maybe you're planning to serenade your sweetheart and need some musical inspiration?
  • Find all that and MORE in our Romantic Love Songs and Romantic Music Store!
Browse my alphabetical collection of some of my favorite romantic love songs and their romantic lyrics.
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Romantic Love Songs:
  • The haunting melody behind a magical moment
  • The muse within a lyrical dream or fantasy
  • The heart and soul of a tear-jerking soundtrack
  • The murmured kiss of lingering, love-soaked memories
  • And a KEY ingredient whenever you want to create an exquisitely romantic setting.

They're playing "Our Song"!

The associations we have with certain romantic love songs and romantic music is profound and undeniable. If you're like me, you can associate a song or two with every former love you've ever had! (for some of us, that's a lot of songs! [grin] [blush] [grin]

Many couples choose a romantic love song to be "their song". An excellent idea, in my opinion! Our emotions are so tied to the music and love songs that we know and love.

A romantic "theme song" for a couple can be used to enhance romance in a number of ways:
  • Whenever you hear "your song", (on the radio, at the mall, on your own CD in the car!) make it the perfect excuse for a passionate kiss! Pull over and park if you must, just DO it!
  • Surprise your beloved by slipping a CD containing "your song" to the maitre d' or hostess at a restaurant where you are to enjoy a romantic meal together. Ask them to play it in their musical mix that evening.
  • Make a custom CD of some of your sweetheart's favorite songs and be sure to include "your song" (several times!) Give it to them in a romantic greeting card.
  • Have "your song" queued up and ready to go when your beloved walks in the door. The perfect prelude to a deliciously romantic evening!
  • If your honey has an iPod or Walkman, secretly insert "your song" into their playlist.
  • When you are expecting your sweetheart to call, substitute "your song" for your regular answering machine announcement. Be careful about what other suggestive things you might say though, someone else might call too! (his mother, your mother, your boss, your kids!)

Romantic music can soften our stressful moods and stir our souls to passion. Let the sweet notes and heart felt words of a romantic love song set the tone for your next romantic encounter.

Browse to find your favorite romantic love songs.
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