Writing Romantic Love Poems: 10 Easy Steps

Pierre Auguste Renoir - Romantic Art Prints Writing sweet romantic love poems can be a challenge without the right tools and inspiration. Find free romantic love poems, relationship poems and short romantic love poems. Browse our romantic birthday poem collection, our wild sensual poems (personal favorite!) , wedding anniversary verses and classic romantic poetry.

Why write romantic love poems?

You can always buy chocolate and roses or cook up a romantic feast but romantic love poems truly come from the heart. Writing your own unique love poetry shows dedication as well as bravery—you are baring your innermost soul to them through your poetry. They will love you all the more for your courage!

"But I don't know the first thing about romantic love poems!"

Not to worry. It's easy if you just take it step-by-step. Let’s Get Started!

Early Summer First: Read some poetry. See what it is that you like. Browse different styles and poets, male and female. If you are really sneaky you might consider reading romantic love poems together with your beloved to get a feel for their likes and dislikes.

You will need:

• A Thesaurus , Pen and Paper OR

• A Computer AND

• Stationery or Blank Notecard

Step 1

Think about your beloved. What do they especially like? What kinds of things are important to them? What do they like about you? Touch on these sentiments in your poem.

Step 2

Choose a mood. Innocently endearing? Seriously dramatic? Boldly passionate? Explicitly sexy or sweetly teasing? Be confident in the depth of your knowledge of your beloved to choose the right tone for your romantic love poems .

Elegant Couples In Interiors1 Step 3

Choose a format. Sappy rhyming doggerel? (Roses are Red, Violets are blue) Spare, meaningful haiku? Classic sonnet? An acrostic of their name with each letter spelling out a reason why you love them? Or free form? You can make up your own style-it’s ALL good!

Step 4

Brainstorm the concepts and phrases of your love poem. Try to fill at least one whole page of writing all of the thoughts related to your loved one that come into your head. Don’t stop and try not to lift the pen off the page until you have filled it up.

This is referred to as “Stream of Consciousness” writing and can be very useful for getting lots of ideas and phrases out onto the page. Then you can sift through them and pick out your "gems".

Use words that describe your feelings about them; like how they make you feel when you are with them or reflect on wonderful times and conversations and words of love you have shared. List what you've seen and grown to love and appreciate in your beloved.

Include your “inside jokes” or special things or nostalgic moments that only they would know about. Write down what you want them to know about you.

Be descriptive and incorporate lots of “feeling” words. ( Romantic Words of Love ) Include the specifics of tastes, smells and sounds as well as visuals. This can help increase the impact of your romantic love poem. You may find that you have enough fodder for several poems. So much the better! At this stage it is better to have more material than you need rather than not enough. Whew!

Romantic Art Step 5

Sort. Pick out the best phrases and concepts and begin to write your poem. Play around with the sequence of the words and try to make it “flow”. Try not to restrict yourself to poem clichés.

Write a romantic love poem about your beloved as a passionate and loving message from your heart.

Step 6

Read it out loud. Either read it out loud to yourself or someone that you know and can trust. This is a trick that writers use to check the flow and cadence (rhythm) of their writing.

Step 7

Make your final changes. Remember, in poetry, less is often more. Prune our any unnecessary verbiage. Save your best line for the last. Leave them with the most delicious impression.

Step 8

The presentation. The first impression that your poem gives your beloved will be by virtue of how you present it to them. Be creative. Be romantic. Don't just scribble it on a piece of plain notebook paper.

Find some nice stationery or a blank greeting card with a meaningful picture on the front. You could also type it in a word processing program on your computer. Try it out in several different fonts until you find the one that is perfect. You could even fold it into a piece of origami.

Step 9

Deliver your poem. Make it a surprise. You can leave it somewhere for them to find. Depending upon the nature of your poem (risqué or very personal) be careful about how private it may or may not be when they discover it. You may not want them to read it out loud to their co-workers or the children before they realize the contents!

If your beloved likes the attention of others and won’t be embarrassed by sharing what you’ve written, you can leave it in a place for them to discover when there are other people around.

Alternatively, you can read it out loud (or better yet: recite it from memory)before giving it to them.

Step 10 (Very Important!)

Act normal. The next time you see them, don't interrogate them about how much they loved your romantic love poem. They will let you know all about it when they are ready.

So that wasn't too bad was it? Good Job!

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