Writing Romantic Words of Love

Writing romance stories, a birthday love poem or even a sexy love note card requires some inspiration. Dig in!"

Thinking about writing some of your own romantic words ?

A thesaurus is an invaluable resource for discovering creative ways to express your feelings and to describe your beloved. Search for alternatives to the romantic words that seem all-too-common.

Whether you are composing a simple love note or some romantic love poems or even a romantic email to send off to your love, your choice of words can make or break it.

Although your sweetheart is probably going to appreciate anything that you send them that is truly from your heart; an original, well-crafted piece of writing might just be cherished forever.

a private letter So take some time to do it up right. Here are some descriptive words to get you started:

ROMANTIC ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS: Deliciously descriptive feeling words of love:

A: Alluring, Angelic, Adoring, Appealing, Attractive, Absorbing, Accomplished, Affectionate, Admirable, Ardent, Amorous, Agreeable, Avid, Animated, Attentive, Amazing, Astonishing, Arresting, Ablaze, Aflame, All-consuming, Astounding, Able, Accommodating, Aching

B: Beautiful, Beguiling, Beatific, Balmy, Benevolent, Burning, Blazing, Blissful, Brilliant, Bright, Beaming, Breathtaking, Brawny, Burly, Beefy, Breathless

C: Content, Complete, Charming, Captivating, Cute, Charismatic, Capable, Clever, Caring, Compassionate, Cordial, Convivial, Cozy, Cheerful, Cheery, Considerate, Committed, Constant, Comfortable, Contented, Cherished, Compelling,

D: Darling, Dreamy, Delirious, Desired, Delightful, Delectable, Doting, Demonstrative, Decadent, Devoted, Dedicated, Dazzling, Dramatic, Desirable, Delighted, Deeply, Dynamic, Dashing, Daring, Delicious, Divine,

E: Elated, Enthralling, Enthralled, Engaging, Eye-catching, Enticing, Exciting, Extraordinary, Engrossing, Enchanting, Entrancing, Elegant, Excellent, Expert, Endearing, Extravagant, Enthusiastic, Enjoyable, Effusive, Expressive, Eager, Easygoing, Excited, Earnest, Exquisite, Exultant, Ecstatic, Enjoyable, Euphoric, Exceptional, Effervescent, Evanescent, Endowed, Exquisite, Erect

The Love Letter F: Fascinating, First-class, Fine, Fond, Fiery, Fervent, Faithful, Flaming, Flushed, Feverish, Fortunate, Favored, Favorable, Fulfilled, Fresh, Flowing, Flowery, Forgiving, Feminine, Feisty, Frisky, Forthright, Fragrant, Firm, Focused

G: Giving, Gorgeous, Glamorous, Good-looking, Gripping, Good, Gentle, Genial, Gratifying, Gracious, Glad, Gleaming, Glowing, Gifted, Graceful, Gentlemanly, Great, Generous, Genuine, Garrulous, Goose-bumpy

H: Heartfelt, Held, Happy, Hot, Hot blooded, Handsome, Heavenly, Harmonious, Head over heels, Haunting, High-spirited, Honest, Hard

I: Innocent, Interesting, Intriguing, Inviting, Impressive, Ingenuous, Intense, Impassioned, Idyllic, In seventh heaven, In raptures, Inspired, Incandescent, Incredible, Incomparable, Indulgent,

J: Joyful, Joyous, Jovial, Jubilant, Juicy

K: Kissed, Kind, Kindhearted, Kindly, Keen,

L: Loved, Lascivious, Likable, Lovely, Lovable, Loving, Loyal, Lusty, Lucky, Luminous, Luminescent, Limber, Lithe, Lively, Luscious, Luxurious

M: Memorized, Motivating, Mesmerizing, Magnetic, Magnificent, Magical, Madly, Memorable, Mysterious, Miraculous, Mellow, Masculine, Manly, Muscular, Marvelous

N: Nice, Nimble, Naughty, Narcotic,

O: Out of the ordinary, Open, Outstanding, On cloud nine, Overjoyed, Over the moon,

P: Privileged, Passionate, Pleasing, Pretty, Pleasant, Persuasive, Pure, Pleasurable, Pleased, Perfect, Peaceful, Profoundly, Prized, Powerful, Pungent, Piquant, Potent, Pulsing

Q: Quixotic,

The Love Letter- Fragonard R: Remembered, Remarkable, Riveting, Romantic, Responsive, Relaxing, Relaxed, Restful, Rapturous, Radiant, Resplendent, Rugged, Reliable, Resolute, Radiating

S: Starry-eyed, Sensual, Seen, Striking, Smart, Spellbinding, Stunning, Sensational, Sophisticated, Skilled, Sweet, Sensitive, Snug, Satisfying, Sympathetic, Supportive, Steadfast, Superb, Spectacular, Surprising, Startling, Smoldering, Satisfied, Sparkling, Shining, Skillful, Shimmering, Sunny, Supernatural, Special, Sexy, Soft, Silken, Slippery, Supple, Silky, Sentimental, Supple, Sinuous, Svelte, Strong, Spicy, Spirited, Stiff, Slick

T: Tasted, Touched, Tempted, Tempting, Thrilling, Talented, Tender, Thoughtful, Tingly, Ticklish, Thrilled, Tranquil, Truly, Tremendous, Terrific, Treasured, Tasty, Turgid, Throbbing

U: Unswerving, Unusual, Unique, Unforgettable, Unfaltering, Unwavering,

V: Velvety, Vital, Vigorous,

W: Worthy of note, Warm, Warmhearted, Welcoming, Winning, Welcome, Wild, Wicked, Willowy, Womanly,

X:Xquisite? Xceptional?

Y: Yummy, Yielding,

Z: Zealous,

Writing a romantic love letter might seem like an overwhelming proposition. Check out our excerpts from famous love letters for inspiration or start with our free romantic love letter ideas and add your own romantic words to personalize it. Romantic words of love can also be used in telegrams, on postcards, on romantic coupons , romantic cards and even sent as romantic text messages .

Here are some actively romantic words of love for your inspiration:

ROMANTIC VERBS: Romantic words of action to Enchant and Beguile:

Portrait of Antoine Laurent A: Accept, Allow, Acknowledge, Affirm, Adore, Attract, Allure, Attract, Appreciate, Amuse,

B: Breathe, Believe, Banter, Bathe, Beguile, Bask in,

C: Caress, Cuddle, Converge, Clinch, Consent, Consider, Comprehend, Charm, Coax, Captivate, Clutch, Choose, Create,

D: Declare, Discern, Devoted to, Draw, Delight, Desire, Dream,

E: Embrace, Enfold, Exhale, Experience, Evoke, Excite, Entice, Ensnare, Enthrall, Enchant, Enrapture, Engross, Entertain, Enjoy, Electrify, Esteem,

F: Fondle, Feel, Finger, Find irresistible, Fond of, Fancy, Fascinate, Fill, Fulfil,

G: Give, Grasp, Grip, Giggle, Gratify, Give pleasure to, Grateful for, Glad about, Glory in

H: Hug, Hold, Handle, Have a weakness for, Have a thing about, Hypnotize,

I: Inhale, Intuit, In love with, Indulge, Immerse, Infuse, Invite, Imagine

J: Journey, Join, Jiggle, Jam

K: Kiss,

L: Love, Link, Lick, Laugh, Lure, Lap up,

M: Meet, Move, Make out, Murmur, Moan, Magnetize, Mesmerize, Massage, Make happy,

N: Nuzzle, Nestle

O: Offer, Orgasm, Overjoy,

P: Pamper, Proffer, Present, Propose, Pulsate, Pulse, Pat, Pet, Perceive, Put under a spell, Proposition, Persuade, Press, Please, Prefer, Prize,

Q: Quiet,

R: Realize, Release, Rub, Redolent of, Rivet, Ram, Relish, Revere,

S: Smooch, Snuggle, Stroke, Stir, Squeeze, Sense, Suggest, Sigh, Spellbind, Satisfy, Satiate, Savor, Stimulate,

T: Touch, Throb, Tickle, Tease, Tantalize, Tempt, Torment, Thrill, Treasure, Thankful for,

U: Understand,

V: Voyage, Value,

W: Whisper, Welcome, Worship, Woo, Wish, Want,

X:: Xclaim?

Y: Yodel?

Z: Zig? Zag?

OTHER ROMANTIC WORD SOURCES: Don't forget to utilize romantic words found in romance movies (check out our romantic movie quotes page) or our collection of romantic quotes . The lyrics to romantic love songs are another great resource for romantic words of love.

When you encounter romantic words as you go about your day, whether they just pop into your head, or you see them in something that you are reading or even if you dream them-WRITE THEM DOWN! Then you will have them to use when you need them!

I hope this page about romantic words has been helpful for you on your Quest for MORE Romance!

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