Codependency in Relationships

Is it Good or Bad?

What ARE Codependent Relationships, anyway?

Codependency in Relationships is more common than you think. According to Wikipedia, "Codependency refers to the dependence on the needs of or control of another...It also often involves placing a lower priority on one's own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others..." (and this can be for the sake of "convenience" or to distance ourselves from our mate when we feel vulnerable.)

Wikipedia goes on to say, "Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns."

NOT a pretty picture. But oh-so-common in many love relationships today.

This article does not pretend to be a solution for the truly troubled relationships that include abuse (substance, verbal or physical) or cruelty or other serious dysfunctional behaviors although it certainly might help.

COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION are the key ingredients that are missing here.

What to Do About the Codependency in OUR Relationship?

When I think about the common, every day, garden variety of codependency in relationships, I get the uncomfortable image of a long suffering, long-married couple who say things like,

  • "You can't live WITH him/her and you can't live WITHOUT them..." AND
  • "We've been together so long its hard to tell where he/she ends and I begin..." AND
  • "I've been ignoring him/her for years, and he/she won't Go Away!!"

Does this sound like YOU talking about YOUR codependent relationship? Are you stuck in a rut of boredom, lack of inspiration and blame? Does it all seem like too much hard work?

Hmmm....What a sad comment on the state of romance in most love relationships!

What happened to that spark of joy lighting up his face whenever you entered the room? That flutter of excitement you used to feel when he reached out to hold your hand? (and kissed it!)

It's never too late to create the relationship of your dreams!

Codependency in relationships can simply be a habit that doesn't really serve ANYONE very well. Just because you've been like this "forever" doesn't mean that you can't change it for the better.

Consider trading in your coDEPENDENCY for CoCREATIVITY.

What is CoCREATIVITY in Relationships?

Co CREATIVITY is the practice of INTENTIONALLY designing your relationship to nourish and support BOTH of you. It involves

  1. Setting your intentions
  2. Acquiring Romance Tools, Romantic Tips and Romantic Ideas and
  3. Mutually committing to GO FOR IT. (Seriously, what have you got to lose?)

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