My True Romance

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We were sprawled on the bed in the hotel room. I had just received a manicure and he was admiring my shiny red nails. “Let me see your ring for a second,” he said. Sliding the silver pentacle from my ring finger, he rolled it around in his hand and then casually slid it over the end of his middle finger. He seemed to be studying it as it sat wedged against his first knuckle. I had to wonder whether he was checking out the size of my ring. I dared not ask.

Over the years I have become reluctant to bring up the “M” word, as Marriage doesn’t seem to be part of D’s vocabulary. We have had many an emotional scene surrounding the concept. No wonder really. He and I both had managed to marry whom we now consider to be the “wrong” people, had several children with them and then each spent the better part of 2 decades trying to make our ill-fated marriages “work”. They didn’t. We failed. So, by the time we found each other, we were both somewhat crispy around the edges and certainly gun-shy in the commitment department. I turned out to be a bit more resilient than D. however, and found myself Very Sure, Very Early that THIS was the romance of a lifetime. I pictured us being one of those amazing old romantic couples, giddy in love till the end; never mind the silver hair and wrinkles.

We took the first of our overseas romantic vacations together after we had been living together for a year and a half. It was to be a Castle, Sacred Site and Chocolate tour of England, Scotland and Wales. I convinced myself that on such a romantic holiday as this, he would surely propose to me sometime during our three week adventure. After all, with a year and a half under our belts, it seemed obvious to me that we were destined to be together for Eternity. bamburgh-castle We had a whirlwind vacation filled with passion and romance. Traveling overland, we saw imposing Bamburgh Castle on the Eastern coast of Scotland. Delighting in our dramatic room, (especially the 4 poster bed) we devoured the rich history right along with the kippered herring and genuine black pudding. Heading west, we stopped at smaller Scottish castles and stone circles nestled in the middle of sheep fields surrounded by hedgerows. We saw stained glass window encrusted cathedrals in the Lake District of England and ancient red stone priories where we could almost hear the echo of the monks from long ago.

caernarfon-castle Beyond Liverpool ever westward, we journeyed to Conwy and Carnaerfon castles in the north of Wales and pretended that we lived inside the thick stone walls. We climbed the narrow staircases and strolled regally along the ramparts overlooking the grassy courtyards below. Back in England, we visited Warwick Castle with its Conservatory and Peacock Garden filled with giant topiaries. Then it was on to the Abbey in Glastonbury, far to the south. Hand in hand we climbed the hill to the Tor and imagined Avalon appearing in the mist. We bought sacred stones in the shops and sipped the water from the Chalice Well. We touched the stones at Avebury and saw the giant monoliths at Stonehenge. Everywhere we went, we shared our Cadbury chocolate sacrament, absorbing the richness of sights, sounds and sweets. We were never closer.

We did, however, return stateside, “unengaged”. After too many uncomfortable discussions on the topic, I essentially gave it up as a probable lost cause and focused on other things. Years passed, twelve to be exact. By then, many buckets of water had passed under our proverbial bridge.

My True Romance continues...Pt 2 | Pt 3


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My True Romance
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