Fall Color and Romantic Love

Fall color can be subtle business here in the Pacific Northwest. So can romantic love! As I was on my walk this morning, I got to thinking. Most years we have a fair bit of color, but nothing much by New England standards. But I find it quite spectacular.

reveries-parrish Crunching along our gravel road, I was absorbed with thoughts of romantic love and ideas for developing the website. Coming out of my reverie, I was enchanted by the changes that had arrived overnight in the oak trees. Each tree was uniquely painted with frost’s rich palette of colors. From russet to burgundy edged with brown, from butterscotch to caramel, to olive green and gold with copper highlights. I even saw one tree completely draped in a particularly luminous bittersweet chocolate. The very sort of chocolate that I was picturing on my romantic love sweets page!

I passed sentinel juniper trees cloaked in dusty green studded with silver-blue berries, a vivid contrast to their charcoal trunks and branches. The willows glowed from the creek beds, a surprising yellow, their branches a-flutter with striped sparrows and robins.

Even the dreaded star thistle, bane of gardener and rancher alike, took on a new beauty in the morning stillness. Bleached by the fierce summer sun, it mimicked the hues of the dried grasses and bromes, together creating a vast, undulating ocean of soft gold. As I turned into my driveway I could see a cloud of small seed eating goldfinches swaying on the Prickly Lettuce weeds. Delightful!

My point is this. By consciously choosing to see the beauty around me, I elevate my mood AND my state of wellbeing. I have a spring in my step and a positive start to my day. I can FEEL that all is well in the world.

Some may have chosen to see the signs of Fall as evidence of the inevitable return of the cold and nasty weather; retreat of the carefree warmth of summer; harbinger of bitter winds and rain. But it’s always and forever up to US to choose. We are the sculptors of our own thoughts.

the-brave-geraint In a romantic love relationship we can see our partner in many ways. We readily perceive both their negative and positive qualities. Everyone has plenty of both! What we choose to dwell on; the picture that we hold steadfastly to in our minds is what most influences our behavior and attitude toward them. They will never fail to reflect back to us the echo of our own expression.

When we can overlook the things we find unpleasant or annoying about them and concentrate on the quirky smile, the twinkle in the eye, the endearing qualities that we fell in love with; when we notice all that they do for us instead of what they are NOT doing…we will engender a passionate, loving environment and our relationship will flourish. If we always see our union as THE romantic love of a lifetime, then that is just what it will become.

Search for things to love and appreciate about your mate. Make a list. Visit it often. Collect delicious thoughts about your love. Conjure up yummy memories of your best times together. When you think of them, notice the expansive feelings of heartfelt emotion. This feels great and is effective too!

So next time you’re tempted to compare your mate to your fantasy stud and see how he falls short, or notice that her thighs aren’t as smooth as they used to be; remember the possibly subtle, but beautiful Fall color and look again to see the romantic love of your life in all of their precious perfection.

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