What Is Your Opinion?

by Christen A. Whitmore
(Bakersfield, Ca)

Thesis - (Problem)

Appearing to be somewhat, captivated by the beauty that persist in his dream, but yet that her beauty was far more than skin deep. The image that exists in sub-reality thoughts, is refined as not a fantasy, but as an alternating reality process. He is steadily finding ways to make his dream to be his reality... with that woman. He struggles day in, and day out to maintain a life more so for himself, but also for the two of them, so that the life they live is satisfying to the standards that they have set together. He realize that the possibility of that woman is endless. He also seen that he shall give her, his everything, and all to ensure that they are both truly happy as far as unconditional love. He longs to drown in the warm, gentle seas of her love. To be overcome by her fragrant waters and cast adrift on gentle waves of passion.
He devoted his life, and vow to honor, cherish, to respect her wants, and desires as his own, to love unconditionally, to pledge his loyalty, his faith, his commitment, his mind, body, heart, and to protect her for as long as he lives. She will eventually with time, thought, and patience vow to honor, and will pledge her loyalty, trust, her faith, her love, her respect, her commitment, her mind, body, soul, heart and her life to me. We will have such a passionate, but yet have a tremendously strong feeling for one another. All of that is there, but there his dream. He have given his heart and soul to her, but she seeing one thing, but did another. He feels lost, cold, empty, and that the world has ended. The history that they have is common, but the connection two share, is solely uniquely unimaginable. He felt a time that she was his world, his soul, and his life, but it all vanished before his eyes. She still is felt in his dream, but as far as his reality, she is distant. His mind, and heart, wonders constantly, trying to figure out ways and solutions as to what he feels is real. His conscious thought at this point in time is focused on her, because he feels that there is still hope for his future, with her.
She has a clue as to how he felt, but doesn't realize the true feeling from within her soul. What consumes his mind, is the love that he have for her, but she refuses to see that, because of the friendship that they share, she fears that will get in the way in terms of a relationship. She has fail to realize that he envisioned her in his dreams, in his reality, and in his every thought. Would you call that obsession? Or true love? It is a fact that as far as feelings, as a part of human society you can't help who you fall in love with, because it's a natural part...of life? Dreams are precious to the eye of the beholder. He holds on to every last and present moments, and those dreams, because those were the memories that made him the way he is now. Even though it happened so quick in so little time, He accomplished a lifetime. Restless days and sleepless nights are now the consequence of the bond that was not broken, but forgotten. His mind still, suffering from the captivated beauty. More so from the mental contact from her eyes, rather than the physical contact that made him feel the emotional, and mental connection. He felt, and still feels something unexplainable, but unimaginable, yet left him speechless still til this day. He felt for the first time ever truthfully loved like in his dreams. He felt the, touch of her body against his, her arms around his body, and to experience the kiss of her lips that left him not only breathless, but weightless. She looked so deeply into his eyes, that he seen straight to her soul. The image that he saw in her soul, made his life flash before his very own eyes. He is willing to sacrifice what he has to, and will do anything to get back to the woman of his dreams so that he can finally live at peace with his inner thoughts and self as a man not alone. The mental warfare that wages within him, engaged when she left his side. She was his cure, his addiction, and the solution to his problems of mental warfare. He needed emotional, and mental compensation, for the pain, agony, distorted thoughts, suicidal rage, and isolation. She was the key to his mind, because she was his escape from life behind the mask. He no longer suffer from agony, distorted thoughts, suicidal rage, but still can't come to terms that she is not there, but is always there in his mind. He has dreamed of the "perfect woman" since he knew what a woman was, and how to appreciate the values of one. After an endless search, his search came to an end when he found her. He has and will continue to wait countless days, and nights for her to finally realize that her dream was the same as his. She continues to be immortalized in his thoughts. Now it's to the point as to where his mind sometimes is blank, because she was literally his other half. He seen that same picture in his head of her the way she looked since day one. She was and is still the most beautiful thing on this earth he has ever seen. His heart still has a faint beat as over the years has made it weak, cause worrying about her safety and her well-being. He doesn't let it stress him out any more but it will always bother him because he is not him without her, and he mean that in every way. He changed his entire life around for her. That was a life he chose to give to her, because the other life that he lived would have destroyed, not only her, but it would have had killed him, because he would have lost her to deceit, and shattered dreams . So it has been hell, without her. Sometimes he felt like the world that he lives in doesn't exists, that it is a dream. The life that he lives in now is worst now than it was then, because the one thing that he loved more than life itself has vanished. Is that still Love or Obsession? Many women were given the chance to open his heart, to unlock the emotional, and mental freedom that was imprisoned by the secrecy that it kept, but have failed, all but one. When he first laid eyes on her, he knew without a doubt right from the moment she looked into his eyes that something was different. She was uniquely different from the rest. Though, she didn't have a clue, she stole his soul. Once again, would you call that obsession, because of a dream, or would you call it unconditional because he won't let go of the woman he loves whether it was in a dream, or in his reality? Some would agree to it being, obsession due to the fact that is seems more so lust rather than love. Others would agree unconditional love, due to the fact of the connection, and the history that is shared. The logical agreement would be more than likely be unconditional love, because since day one, she has been imprinted in his mind. Love was his pain, but love was also his enemy. The root of he love was, it is what he make it. People always told him that love is a mental and emotional thing. He knew that it is true to a certain extent, because though love is mental, and emotional it is also physical. He also knew, that love has no face, pigment, color, a voice, a mind, a heart a body nor a soul, but if he believed in it then it has all of what they said it isn't. It brought him feelings that were indescribable, and unexplainable, but yet seem unimaginable. At the same time it brought all of that to an end, cause it can take all to it and turn it around. Love was more than a word it was more than a feeling it was his life. It could make, or break anything, or him. He has strong belief in not just love, but true love that can come in many forms, but the most important one is the one that took over his heart, mind, body, and soul. That is the way he found unconditional love. People would also tell him that love loves no one, but he said to himself “Love, loves everyone if you give it to its power, and its power is the strongest power to ever exist, because it is the ultimate power of God.” Love is given to all that exist, but it what he does with it that makes it magical. He was aware that it can also be taken away from him if he disobeyed it laws. It has many chapters, but only one moral and that moral is if you believe and fallow all you shall be granted a life no longer of your own but a life as a whole. He accepted and believed in the vow of love no matter how he looked at it, or confess to it then he can never break that law. Even though people break it every day, he thought “then why do people surrender to it if they somehow break it?. Love is stronger for a woman because, she endures, more than a man. Him being a man is more acceptable to the law of love cause without it he is a lost. So from what he knew he figured that is why God created Eve for Adam so he would not be alone. He might love for all the wrong reasons, but how is it a wrong reason if a decision that he makes changes his life in a way that he have only dreamed of. Sometimes he tend to makes negative choices that he will later regret. It's the choices and the mistakes in his past that makes him who and what he is in his future

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