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124. One of the Most Important Romantic Ideas we know: If you have been holding a grudge against your partner or resenting them for something, forgive them today. Move on. It is more important to be loving than it is to be “right”. Your relationship will be noticeably “lighter” when you are able do this..


125. Laugh with your lover at EVERY opportunity, especially for NO reason! Unconditional Laughter is good for your health and magic for your relationship! This romantic idea can transform a tired relationship into a thing of immense joy and connection. Fake it 'til you make it- It's ALL good!(Laughter Yoga)

126. Allow your partner to have their “own” opinions. It is not necessary to agree about everything. In fact, it is impossible.

127. Carve a heart in the side of an apple or orange before giving it to your sweetheart.

128. An edible romantic idea: Write “I Love You” or “Eat Me” in whipped cream on a piece of pie or somewhere on your body.

129. Play cards together. Try “Strip Crazy Eights” or “Go Fish for Compliments”

130. This may not have been romantic when you were seven, but it is a great romantic idea now: Rake up the fallen leaves into a big pile. Holding hands or taking turns with your sweetheart-Jump In!

131. Play Love Genie: Take turns granting each other’s wishes. As You Wish (Princess Bride)

132. Play a game of 20 Questions with your honey. Dare to answer every question with complete candor and honesty. A fun way to learn things about your mate that you might not ordinarily ask about. Alternate questions or do all 20 for one partner and then switch.

133. Play Truth or Dare. You get to choose to answer a personal question or perform a (sexy?) “task”. Lots of room for imaginations on this one!

134. A Romantic Idea Basic: Know that your relationship is invincible, unshakable and fabulous-just the way it is.


135. Be a hopeless romantic. When you shower your mate with words of love and romantic moments, you greatly increase the odds that they will reciprocate with romantic ideas of their own. Your partner is much more likely to “romance” a sweet and loving partner than a curmudgeon pouting about the lack of romance in the relationship.

136. Even after the worst “terrible, horrible no-good, very bad day” with your mate, the good news is that with the dawning of each new day, we get to “begin again”. So no matter the angry words that might have been spoken or the hurt feelings, allow yourself to start each day with a new and sunny outlook. Soon, that is what your partner will reflect back to you.

137. Make your sweetheart “work” for a romantic gift that you have purchased for them by requiring that they pass a Love Quiz (scoring at least reasonably well answering questions that they really ought to know about you-such as favorite color, childhood pet’s name, shoe size…) “Reward” them with the gift (and a kiss!)

138. Romantic Ideas 101: THE ROMANCE HABIT: It is said that to make a new habit, you must repeat the action for twenty-one days in a row before it will really stick. Three weeks isn’t very long to practice something that is rewarding in of itself and makes our partner glow with adoration! Your new romance skills will also serve you and your beloved for years to come. Practice DOES makes perfect when it comes to coming up with unique romantic ideas. The more romantic you act, the more romantic you become. And once you have the Romance Habit, you will probably never lose it. The rewards are simply too great!

139. Try changing your routine to surprise your mate. Sometimes the unexpected can spark romance. If your partner usually cooks dinner, surprise them by beating them to it! If your mate typically washes up after dinner, tell them that you are going to do it and they should sit down and relax. As well as raised eyebrows, you may receive other romantic rewards…

140. When your love enters the room, stop what you are doing, (whatever it is), look into their eyes and ask, “Have I told you lately that I Love You?”

141. Brag about your mate to anyone who’ll listen. Think of how lucky you feel to have your beloved in your life and let your enthusiasm bubble over. Tell stories of their accomplishments and achievements. Tell the world what a fabulous partner you have! If your sweetheart is within hearing range then so much the better. That said, it is important for your words to be completely sincere to avoid your mate thinking that you are just being sarcastic.

142. Romantic Ideas 101: If you haven’t selected a romantic song to be “your song”, do it soon.

143. Be specific about your romantic preferences and you will greatly increase the odds that your beloved will be the kind of romantic partner that thrums your heart strings and makes you weak in the knees. Fancy night out or cozy dinner at home? Expensive romantic gift or handmade treasure? Sweet night at home by the fire or shaking your booty on the dance floor? Give them the information they need to be successful. Everyone wins!

144. It never hurts to make a romantic wish list. Leave no doubt as to what you would like your partner to do for and with you. It can take the form of a Romantic Birthday Wish List or a list for celebrating your Wedding Anniversary or for ensuring extra Romantic Holidays and vacations.

145. Go to the park and feed the ducks. Swing on the swings. Get dizzy together on the merry-go-round.


146. Another of my extra favorite romance ideas: Dance together often. Fast or slow, in public or in private, with or without music (or clothing*)! Moving together is one of the sweetest ways to “communicate” with your beloved. (*dancing in public without clothing may be frowned upon in some communities)

147. Visit an aquarium together. Move your lips the way the fish do and kiss.

148. IMPORTANT Romantic Idea: Turn off the TV!. Make a point of spending less time zoned out in front of “the tube” and more time Enhancing your Romance. Be extremely selective about what you are willing to spend your precious time watching on television. You can even plan in advance what you will watch. When the show is over, TURN OFF THE TV and never channel surf. Reclaim your life and your romance!

149. Do good deeds together. It is a special warm thing to share when you work together with your sweetheart for a cause you both believe in. Make the world a better place while you deepen your connection to your mate.

150. Write your love story. Record the details of your romance. Include when and how you met, when you fell in love, highlights of places you’ve visited, how you felt at different times, “in jokes” and amusing anecdotes. Add to “your story” every so often as more delicious events unfold. This will be a treasure for you to peruse in years to come.

151. Sing around a campfire; even if it’s in your own fireplace! Try to remember old camp songs and childhood favorites. Know any good ghost stories? Snuggle up!

152. Lay on the grass and look at the clouds. Tell each other what animal shapes you see. Roll down a hill if you have one handy.

153. Go through old photo albums. Giggle at your younger selves. Read each others yearbooks. Got any old report cards? What about those class pictures? Any grade school artwork? Research Papers? Teenage Angst Poetry?

154. Do a crossword puzzle together. Or, without your partner, make up your own romantic crossword puzzle with clues only your beloved would know the answers to and give it to them to solve.

155. Tell each other sexy stories or fantasies while driving in the car. This is especially effective for helping the driver stay awake on a long drive home late at night…

156. Make ROMANTIC WISH LISTS together. List all of the things that would make you happy. Prioritize and compare lists with your partner. You may be surprised by the results.

157. Go people-watching; in a restaurant, at the airport or in the park, on the bus, at the grocery store or at a ballgame. Watch the people. Pay particular attention to other couples. Make up stories about them and fabricate dark secrets about their relationships. Don’t stare! Do giggle.


158. Romantic Ideas 101: Give a REAL romantic kiss when you part. None of this affectionate peck-on-the-cheek nonsense. When you part for the day or arrive home in the evening, make it real! Kiss your beloved full on the lips for at least 10 seconds.

159. Skip rocks together. Go to a pond or a lake or even a river. Find flat stones and skip them across the water. Try aiming for certain targets or counting the number of skips. Save any heart shaped rocks you may find; they will make perfect romantic mementos.

160. A cold weather favorite romantic idea: On a snowy winter day in town, go for a walk in the snow, make snow angels, build a snow fort, toss some snowballs, make a snowman and then go home and drink hot chocolate and cuddle in front of the fire.

161. Take a day hike together. Pack a picnic and head for the hills. It’s a great way to spend some time together in Nature. Tailor the difficulty and length of the hike to suit your physical condition. Hike regularly and you might “get in shape” without even noticing it! Now THAT'S a great romantic idea!

162. Spell out "I Love You" using alphabet noodles!

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