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41. Looking for romantic ideas for the summertime? When your mate is working hard in the sun or the heat, give them a cool drink and a cold, wet washcloth for the back of their neck.


42. After dinner, make a habit of going for a romantic walk with your honey. This is not a power walk! Stroll along slowly, holding hands.

43. Using a word processing program on your computer, fill a page with the letter “I” in many different fonts and colors. At the bottom of the page type, “I only have “I’s” for you.”

44. Tell your beloved something about yourself that you’ve never confessed to anyone.

45. Here is a sexy romantic idea! Play a game of Hide and Seek with your sweetheart. Find a hiding place that is very private. Strip. Wait for your lover to find you.

46. Start their car for them on a cold morning so that it is cozy for them when they get in it.

47. Make time to play with your beloved. Have a pillow fight, a tickle fest, or play a rousing game of chase.

48. Collect romantic love quotes that you like. Email one a day to your sweetie.

49. Make heart shaped pancakes for your beloved.

50. Using a thesaurus, compose one-line complements describing your beloved. Words such as alluring, bewitching, magnificent, enticing, etc etc! Enclose your “one liners” in a romantic email, romantic text message or send them a postcard. Romantic Words of Love.

51. D. and I like to do this romantic idea together.Go for a hike in nature together. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the sun on your shoulders. Be happy and at peace. Feel joyful that you are alive and that you have each other.


52. Make love in every room of your home. Don’t forget on top of the washer/dryer while they are running!

53. In a bottle of vitamins, tuck a note that says, “Try Vitamin L, for all that ails you!”

54. Send a lock of your hair to your beloved.

55. Start each day with a kiss.

56. End each day with a kiss.

57. Fill each day with kisses!

58. When serving your sweetheart anything contained in a plastic squeeze bottle (ie Ketchup, mayo or mustard that you would squeeze on a sandwich or a hamburger) Squeeze it into a heart shape.

59. When your partner tells you that they love you, thank them.

60. Sign your letters: “Forever and Always” or “Forever and a Day”

61. Make love three (or more!) nights in a row in three completely different places.

62. TRUST WALK: Blindfold your partner and take them for a walk. Stop and have them touch trees and buildings. Put a rock or leaf into their hand. Take good care of them and don’t let them fall. Pretend they are from another planet and you are introducing them to life on earth.

63. Obvious Romantic Ideas 101:Call them to tell them you love them. Often.

64. Make a list: Top 10 Reasons Why I Know You are My Soulmate...65. Go to a playground and push each other on the swings.

66. Tell your darling that you adore, desire, love, want, prize, need, treasure them. (get out your thesaurus!) Send the sentiment in a romantic email or romantic text message.

67. Using a word processing program on your computer, fill a page with the letter “U” in many different fonts and colors. At the bottom of the page type, “It’s only “U” for me”.

saliendo-del-bano-leaving the bath

68. Walk barefoot on the beach hand-in-hand with your one true love. Listen to the sea gulls and feel the wind in your hair. Smell the ocean spray and taste the salt on your lips. Let the waves lap around your feet. Build a sand castle. A fabulous romantic idea in my book! When do we leave?

69. On long car trips, sing songs together. Harmonize!

70. Hide a wee romantic love note in their wallet tucked in between the dollar bills.

71. Build a “fort” in your living room with blankets, tables and chairs. Have a picnic inside. Drink hot chocolate. Make love.

72. When your beloved comes home from work, greet them at the door in the nude or wearing your sexiest outfit. Cellophane, or shrink wrap is fun too! (Using Saran wrap is a romantic idea from the 70's!)

73. Brush your lover’s hair or give them a sensuous head rub.

74. Treat your mate to a home manicure or pedicure.

75. Shower together often. It’s romantic and it conserves water too!

76. While your honey is getting ready for work on a cold and frosty morning, scrape the ice off the windshield for them.

77. In public, whisper a sexy sweet suggestion in your lover’s ear.

78. If you find yourself at a wedding tell your spouse, “If I had to do it over, I’d marry you again.

79. On a cold night, put a hot water bottle at the foot of your bed on your sweetheart’s side. Warm your hands under hot water before getting into bed.

80. If your partner has had a rough day, make a point of being extra attentive. Bring them their slippers. Fix them a drink. Rub their shoulders.

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