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81. Here is one of our romantic ideas that features delayed gratification:Call your partner when you know they can’t pick up and leave a sexy voicemail message.


82. Take a moment out of your daily routine. Daydream about the love you feel for your mate and romantic things you’d like to do together. As you dream you may be surprised at the number of romantic ideas that pop into your head!

83. Learn their preferences. It is important to be aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes so that the romantic ideas you choose match who they are. It may be true that they will appreciate just about any romantic gesture that you come up with, (especially if you’ve been a wee bit neglectful), but to be “spot on” is so much better! Do you know their: Favorite color, Lucky number, Favorite flower, Favorite saying/proverb, Favorite kind of music, musical band, singer, song, Favorite food, meal, vegetable, fruit, dessert, ice cream, kind of chocolate, Favorite restaurant, pub, club, Favorite magazine, Favorite movie, actor, actress, Favorite animal, breed of cat/dog, bird, fish, Favorite sport, sports team, athlete, Favorite hobby, game, Favorite sexy outfit (both for self and partner), Favorite foreplay activity (both to receive and to perform), Favorite lovemaking position, Fantasy vacation travel spot, Favorite beer, champagne, juice, wine, Favorite woman's perfume, men's cologne, Favorite way to relax, exercise, Favorite fictional/historical character, author, artist, Favorite brand of make-up, Favorite aroma or fragrance?

84. Read out loud to each other in bed. Whether it’s erotic short stories, a corny romance novel, romantic love stories or love poems. Reading aloud to your love is very sweet and romantic.

85. Do something you’ve never done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Take a chance!

86. You can never go wrong with this romantic idea: Schedule a prolonged lovemaking date. Take an extra, extra long time on the foreplay section. Appreciate your lover’s every caress. This is especially delicious for women. Men: Move slowly and sensuously, take your time to please your woman. Women: Relax and let yourself be pampered and indulged by your loving man.

87. Indulge in a “quickie”. Maybe even schedule a standing (pun intended) time and place. This is useful when the man’s sex drive is in a higher gear than the woman’s. Women: Enjoy giving your all to your lover. Make it all about him. Men: Appreciate this pampering gift from your woman. No need to hold back—Go for it!

88. Cut out a gazillion paper hearts. Use colored paper, magazines, junk mail. Tape them up all over the house.

89. On a cold winter night, hunker down together in front of the fire. Roast marshmallows. Make S’Mores! Sip spiced wine or apple cider.

90. When you are walking with your love, make a point of always holding hands or walking arm-in-arm.

91. Make a romantic slide show or Power Point on your computer. Make it chronological from when you first met until the present. Add romantic love songs or romance music. Share with your mate. Enjoy!

92. Send your sweetheart a free ecard often. Funny, affectionate, sexy or romantic ecards will never fail to brighten their day. How ‘bout sending one right now?


93. One of my favorite sappy romantic ideas. I love this one! Run your hands through your beloved’s hair while gazing into their eyes. Kiss them on the nose and tell them how you love the smell of their hair, or the color of their eyes, or the way their forehead crinkles when they laugh. Go ahead, ADORE them!

94. Make a pitcher of fresh, ice-cold lemonade and spend the day under a tree in the shade; relaxing together in a hammock with your love. Agree that no one will accomplish ANYTHING worthwhile…Don’t even THINK about mowing that lawn!

95. Put a blanket down on your lawn. Pretend you are on a deserted island with your mate. Don’t forget the Daiquiri’s and “Wilson”. (Castaway)

96. Blindfold your lover and lead them into the bedroom. Remove everything but the blindfold for sexy sensual fun. Heightened senses can equal heightened pleasure and response…

97. As a romantic idea or inspiration occurs to you, write it down! Stash them away for future use.

98. Enjoy your chiminea, fire pit or patio stove in the early spring or late fall for a cozy “cuddlefest”.

99. Make up some love coupons together. Spend an afternoon or evening. Have fun redeeming them over the weeks to come.

100. Put on lots of clothes and play strip poker.

101. Make a heart shaped pizza from scratch (easy!) or shape a purchased uncooked crust or pizza into a heart shape and/or decorate pizza with heart shaped toppings or toppings arranged in a heart pattern. See more free romantic food ideas.

102. Smile warmly at your mate whenever you notice they are looking your way. Wink.

103. Even when you’ve had a bad day, always give your sweetheart a smile and a kiss—it will help you feel better!


104. Always compliment your love at every opportunity: “Great Dinner”, “You Rook Marvelous”, “Good job with the lawn!”, “That color really brings out your eyes”.

105. Here is a very basic but important romantic idea: Always remember to thank your partner for the things that they do: “Thanks for the help with the dishes” “I appreciate that you keep the checkbook up-to-date” “Thanks for washing the car, it looks great”, “Thank you, your help made that job a lot more fun”, “Thank you for being you!”

106. When your love is talking to you, always make eye contact and really listen.

107. When your sweetheart least expects it, tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

108. If you are trying to be romantic toward your partner and can’t think of anything to do-a good place to start is by doing some things that you would find romantic.

109. Call into the radio station your sweetheart listens to and request their favorite song or “your song” or another romantic song. “Dedicated to the One I Love

110. Put a “Love Ticket” on the windshield of your sweetheart’s car when it is parked at their work.

111. This romantic idea will exercise your imagination and tone up your "abundance muscles". Plan a vacation or outing with your sweetheart that you’d like to go on “if money were no object”. Be elaborate and include lots of specific details in your plan. Imagine the luxury and opulence and how that would feel. Have fun dreaming together.

112. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think about all of the wonderful people and things you have in your life. As you roll the yummy thoughts around in your mind, try to amplify the positive emotion that you feel. A morning started in this upbeat way is likely to flow into an upbeat day, followed by and upbeat evening and, if you practice enough, an upbeat life! Especially if you make a point of smiling, laughing and being helpful whenever possible.

113. When you are at a party or other social occasion with your sweetheart, remain conscious of their experience and do what you can to assure their comfort and pleasure too.


114. Always speak positively and lovingly about your mate in public. Brag about their cooking, their cleverness or their skills. If they are present, they may act embarrassed but it is likely that they will be secretly pleased.

115. Get a pencil and paper for each of you. Write down a list of fifty of your favorite memories of your life spent together so far. Compare your lists. Use the lists as inspiration for planning more romantic ideas to do together.

116. Classic Romantic Idea: When the two of you are lying in bed, notice how well you fit together. Spoon often!

117. Tuck a heart shaped romantic love note in your sweetheart’s shoe that says, “You are my heart and soul” or “You are my Sole Mate!”

118. On the surface, this may not seem like a romantic idea, but believe me, it is! Talk with your mate about a time or times when you have struggled together and overcome obstacles together. Recall how working together and supporting each other helped solve the problem. Celebrate the strength of your relationship and your commitment to one another.

119. Develop hand signs and gestures that just the two of you will understand. Use them to have secret communications in public. They can mean anything: “I Love You”, “Meet me in the Bathroom”, “This is boring-let’s go home”, “I Want You”.

120. When you are listening to your sweetheart, let them say everything that they have to say without interrupting them.

121. When your sweetheart arrives home from work, give them a few minutes alone to “transition” from work life to home life.

122. This is always a fun romantic idea: Do a sexy dance for your partner. Invite them to join you.

123. Send a romantic text message to your lover at work.

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